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The Online Tutoring Program at Nevy's Language helps you improve your speaking and English. For one hour every week you will videochat with a tutor and improve your English.

With this program, you will improve your confidence in speaking!

  • Time:
    One hour
  • Topics:
    General English Workplace English Citizenship speaking test prep Conversation practice
  • Location:
    Videochat on Zoom
  • Activities:
    Read along Dialogue and role play Lessons and exercises Pronunciation correction Discussing topics of interest

Client testimonial

I never used to like online learning, but once I tried this program, I changed my mind. I really like this program!
– Hanan S.

Additional information

As a newcomer to Canada, you have alot to learn about the English spoken here. That's why we've prepared a simple, effective yet convenient service to help you improve your English in your new home.

This program will help you connect with Canadian-born individuals, learn the way Canadians speak English, learn the language of the workplace, improve your confidence in speaking, make new friends and always be ready for any setting.